Researchers have identified that there are over 150 active Neurotransmitters in the brain and nervous system. Each of these Neurotransmitters has unique properties, effects, metabolism and receptors; they influence each other and represent the master controllers of our bodily functions, including hormone production and regulation, gastrointestinal tract and immune system. Over the past decades, Neurotransmitter rebalancing has been used increasingly to address various aspect of emotional and physical health.

My Health 101 offers a comprehensive, long-term and sustainable Neurotransmitter Rebalancing Program based on latest research. With consideration of how these chemicals are processed in your body, our program not only supplements individual amino acids, but also addresses how they interact with each other, their channels, and their receptors at the actual site of their functioning.

The Neurotransmitter Rebalancing Program addresses not only the levels of commonly known Neurotransmitters, Dopamine, Serotonin, Acetylcholine and GABA, it also targets their control on various body systems, including Hormones, Enzymes, Digestion, Immune System, Detoxification and Methylation pathways.


Neurotransmitter influence goes well beyond our nervous system. In fact, the Neuroendocrine (Neurotransmitter & Hormone Regulatory System in the brain) is the master system and controller of all other Hormone Systems in the body, including the Adrenals, Thyroid, Estrogen, Testosterone, blood sugar hormones like insulin and gastrointestinal hormones. The Gut-Brain system and the immune system work together on the metabolic balance throughout or bodies using Neurotransmitters. Today, we have found neurotransmitters and receptors in various concentration controlling functions in almost all parts of the body, organs and tissues. Bringing them back into balance is vital in addressing various diseases. For example, like in other organs, also in the kidney, Neurotransmitter synthesis, degradation, receptors and secretion takes place. The latest research suggests that abnormalities in these systems play a major role in the development of High Blood Pressure or Gastrointestinal problems and even Cancer as a response to stress and other factors. Hence, you can see improvements of blood pressure as part of a comprehensive Neurotransmitters regimen. Similar discoveries have led to many additional indications for Neurotransmitter therapy, including IBS & IBD, prevention strategies of Alzheimer’s, Anti-Aging strategies and treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.

This expanded concept creates a need for a unique combination of key Amino acids, personalized to your individual needs.


The Neurotransmitter Rebalancing Program was designed to rebalance Neurotransmitters so that medications may no longer be needed for symptom control. Hence, your doctor will advise you about needed dose adjustments and reductions of medications. In addition, please watch out for previously not experienced medication side effects. As your Neurotransmitter stores are replenished, medications that previously became ineffective can start working again. When this happens, a medication’s side effect may also become more prominent. Please familiarize yourself with potential side effects of medications you are taking when starting the Neurotransmitter Rebalancing Program or consult your physician or other healthcare provider. As you are proceeding through Neurotransmitter rebalancing, we may advice you to gradually reduce or adjust your medications. While some patients are able to discontinue their medications at some point in the program, others benefit from staying on a usually lower maintenance dose.