The creation and recruitment of Emotional Experiences and Memories associated with music, places and people is an often overlooked tool for cognitive training & recovery. Diving into a virtual world of music, stores and local tales triggers memories of our own and recruits complex neuronal circuitry. Aside from brain games, this is another very effective way to train your brain, recruit old connections, and build new synapses while also spreading healing to your soul. Enjoy Live Streams and Recorded events from this high quality productions combining famous places and artists with music and local tales, produced in a unique new and mesmerizing way, just like if you would be there yourself and become part of these stories and events.

The painting “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt in the Belvedere Palace in Vienna is one of the most famous works of art in the world.

The Belvedere and Klimt’s Kiss are our exclusive stage on which we can present a selection of top international artists as well as “rising stars”. Let yourself be carried away in this breathtaking ambience from the Baroque to Vienna at the turn of the century. In addition to extremely varied music from magical to virtuoso, we give you an insight into the unique cultural history of Vienna based on the paintings on display in the castle. We answer numerous questions: What do the paintings tell us, which symbols have the artists hidden in them? How can one recognize the change in the zeitgeist of society in the paintings? And much more.

Join us on a musical and historical journey full of wonderful music, extraordinary artists, background information on art history and exclusive interviews in Belvedere Palace. A trip to Vienna right on your screen!

The stream will have English subtitles and is about 60 to 70 minutes long.

Calling up positive emotions is yet another important and underutilized way to heal the brain.  Along with laughing yoga and therapy, which are long established practices underutilized in western cultures.  These practices are able to shelter us from and transform the negativity left from a challenging day.

LOVE and GRATITUDE are the most powerful and profound of the positive emotions. An increasing number of people discover the immense benefits of meditation. With Heartmath, we teach our patients how to call up gratitude and use a simple breathing technique to learn how to balance their Autonomic Nervous System.

Music, movies and special events that move us have also long served as opportunities to become aware and recruit positive emotions.  And with it they are essential in assisting us in rebalancing the body and brain through recruiting the very personal & positive memories. Utilized in their unique ways in different cultures around the world,  feelings of LOVE and GRATITUDE are a powerful path to heal our body and the brain.

Please enjoy this newest addition to the ViennArt Network live stream events!

Yours in health,

Dr. Goetzel

The ViennART Network was created by the famous conductor and my dear brother Sascha Goetzel.

Learn more about ViennART Project and founder, Sacha Goetzel here.

Exchange ideas with us and other viewers during the premiere-stream, ask your questions and take the chance to take part in our contest.

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