Men’s Ketamine Assisted Therapy Retreat


Tucked in a small copse of trees, the Guest House boasts picturesque views of the Duck Pond and the field east of the Lodge, where sightings of deer and other wildlife are common. Each room has rustic-inspired furniture and is decorated with love and care. The Guest House has a special amenity area located in room 9 where you can get coffee, tea, and hot and cold filtered water. Room 9 also includes a refrigerator where you can keep some personal food items.

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Thursday October 24 – Sunday October 27, 2024

This autumn, embark on a journey of self-discovery and community building at our exclusive ketamine-assisted therapy retreat for those who identify as gay or queer men, nestled amidst the breathtaking foliage of Upstate New York. As nature surrenders to vibrant hues of orange, red, and gold, embark on an inward exploration during this transformative weekend .

Imagine a crackling fire warming a circle of armchairs, where a tapestry of vibrant experiences awaits. Each member, a unique thread woven into the fabric of the group, carries within him a wellspring of resilience and yearning for deeper healing. As we commune amidst the whispering forest and the crisp embrace of autumn air, our experienced facilitators, each with a unique perspective, will guide you through this transformative journey,

During this retreat ketamine will be offered as a tool to unlock the hidden chambers of the psyche. Under its gentle influence, the walls we so meticulously construct around our hearts begin to soften, revealing the raw beauty and vulnerability that lies beneath.

Prepare to embark on a quest as we enter the labyrinth of the inner self. Past experiences, once shrouded in shadow, may emerge in a new light. Long-held stories, perhaps those of societal expectations or the sting of past rejection, may finally loosen their grip and be replaced by a deeper sense of self-acceptance and a profound connection to your authentic self.

This retreat is a sacred space for shared vulnerability and brotherhood as we bathe in the shared experience and wisdom of our fellow travelers. Open conversation and a space free from judgment, will enhance our shared experience to create a newfound belonging and connection.

Our days and nights will be imbued with a spirit of exploration. Guided meditations under a canopy of stars might unlock forgotten spaces. Sharing circles around a crackling fire will provide safe space for honest expression. Musical offerings will spark the inner creative. Movement practices will ground us and allow for expression of the physical. Through this, a sense of renewal may take root within you.

This ketamine-assisted psychotherapy group retreat is an invitation to shed the masks we wear for the world., to embrace the totality of who you are – a radiant spectrum of light and shadow, strength and vulnerability. It is a chance to rewrite the narrative of your past, to step into your light with a heart open to self-love, acceptance, and the boundless potential that lies within.

Join us in this transformative journey, and together, let us find healing in our community!

Retreat price

Retreat price per person (multi-room) $2500 (8 available), Retreat price per person (single room) $3000 (7 available)


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