COVID-19 Supplement Recommendations


 Please note the recommendations below have not been approved by the FDA and their efficacy against COVID-19 has not been studied or evaluated. Before starting any supplements, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider or contacting our office to understand potential side effects and safety.  The list of products below is updated with latest availability, which is ever-changing.  There may be other, preferred options that are currently out of stock with unknown availability.  Please contact us with any questions at 781-800-4138 or


Example of a Basic Regimen for adults:

Ultranutrient:                              2 BID

Ultra Potent C 1000:                  1 BID (take with sufficient fluids)

Zinc 50-60mg                                1 QD (for 3 months, then check levels)

Vitamin D3 5000IUs + K2         1 QD (for 6 weeks, then check levels)

Mykotaki                                       1 QD (for 3months)

OrthoBiotic Probiotic                1 QD



  1. Robust MultivitaminUltranutrient (Pure Encapsulations) or equivalent
  2. Vitamin C 1000mg twice daily—Ultra Potent C (Metagenics) or equivalent
  3. Zinc 50-60mg daily– Zinc Piccolinate (Douglas Labs) or equivalent
    1. consider starting with loading up your Zinc stores with 50mg BID for 2 weeks, then continue with 50-60mg daily
  4. Vitamin D3 ( Vit D3 10,000 or 5,000 IUs with K)—D3 5,000 with K2 (Metagenics) or equivalent
    1. Most people in Massachusetts are deficient in Vitamin D this time of year unless they take supplements. General recommendations for Vitamin D are 2000-3000IUs daily, but this might not be sufficient. If you know your levels, you can dose accordingly. For anybody who has not taken any Vitamin D over the winter months, start with an equivalent of 10.000IUs +K2 daily for 10 days to bring up your Vitamin D stores and then continue with either 5000IUs +K2 daily or 10.000 +K2 every other day for 30-60 days. Preparations with K2 are preferred.
    2. CAVEAT: While optimal Vitamin D levels will support your immune system, taking too much can be dangerous and lead to overdose symptoms. When in doubt, stop taking Vitamin D.



  1. Mykotaki (Metagenics) 1 TAB QD for 3 months. (For immune compromised clients, consider taking 1 BID)
    1. In case you get sick, increase to 4 TABs daily for 10 days. Mykotaki should be taken for up to 3 months, then take a one month break. During this break, you can take one of the other immune enhancing herbs like Echinacea or contact us for options.
  2. Andrographis Plus (Metagenics) – can take as directed when developing symptoms
  3. Ultra Vir-X (Biotics) – an herbal mix including Mykotaki, take as directed for prevention and/or when experiencing symptoms.
  4. Probiotics – Ortho Biotic (Ortho Molecular) or Ultra Flora Immune Booster (Metagenics)
    1. COVID-19 can infect your GI tract and can cause Leaky Gut aggravating the illness and contributing to a worse outcome, so guarding your Gut Barrier is very important
  5. Vitamin A 10,000 IU (Pure Encapsulations) or equivalent Vitamin A from Cod Liver Oil
    1. Vitamin A is essential for epithelia to ward of infections. Many people are unknowingly deficient in Vitamin A or have genetic snips preventing them from not making sufficient active Vitamin A from Carotene rendering them move vulnerable to viral and other infections
    2. CAVEAT: Pregnant women must not take Vitamin A more than 10.000 IUs
    3. For all non-pregnant adults, I also recommend bringing up your Vitamin A stores by adding 20.0000IUs daily to the above Multivitamin for 2 weeks, and then continue with 10.000IUs for anther 2 weeks. In case of onset of symptoms, can increase Vitamin A to 50,000 IUs for 1 week.
    4. CAVEAT: While optimal Vitamin A levels will support your immune system, taking too much can be dangerous and lead to overdose symptoms. When in doubt, stop taking
  6. Magnesium Glycinate (Pure Encapsulations) – Make sure you have sufficient magnesium



1)      MetaKids® Baby DHA & D3 2)      MetaKids™ Baby Probiotic 

3)      MetaKids™ D3 Liquid 

4)      MetaKids™ Multi Soft Chew 

5)      MetaKids™ Nutrition Powder 

6)      MetaKids™ Probiotic


 Supplement ordering instructions and our Nutritional Supplement Informed Consent are included below.  Certain supplements may not be available for purchase through Wellevate and Fullscript.  In this case, please try ordering from the manufacturer directly.  Please contact Dr. Goetzel’s assistant, Hannah Giddings, with any questions or difficulty ordering.


Please also reach out if you are interested in testing for vitamin and nutrient levels and/or GI and Microbiome function.


For additional information or to set up a 10 minute consult with Dr. Goetzel regarding optimizing your immune system please visit us at



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Your provider may recommend vitamins and supplements as part of your treatment plan. You are under no obligation to purchase these supplements. The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate, test, or approve these supplements like they would with a prescription medication. Insurances do not cover supplements. Supplements are not studied like medications and they are not part of customary and current medical treatments or prescriptions. Limited studies exist concerning their efficacy. Supplements are not indicated to cure or treat any specific medical disorder. Supplements are not considered a substitute for medications or current medical therapies. Please share the list of your supplements with all your care providers, doctors and prescribers. Supplements can have powerful effects, side effects and interactions. Please discuss the recommended supplements with all providers. Supplements should not be taken in higher than recommended dosages, frequency and only for a limited period of time.

If you decide to purchase a recommended supplement, you are free to decide where to make that purchase. Most supplements are available for purchase through specialized compounding pharmacies and our MyHealth101 online dispensary. The MyHealth101 online dispensary provides a special service to our clients and it was established to make selected high quality supplements more accessible and easily available to our clients. These are supplements that we have chosen to offer based on our research into their quality and because they have undergone third party testing. MyHealth101 P.C is a company specialized in providing resources for Functional and Integrative Psychiatry. It was founded and is owned by Dr. Erich Goetzel. My Health101 may profit from sales of supplements purchased through online stores.

You can opt to purchase supplements on your own if you wish. When deciding where to buy a supplement, we urge you to consider the following:

  • What are the manufacturer’s standards for purity, potency, and bioavailability?
  • Are you purchasing the product directly from the manufacturer? How do you know?
  • If you are purchasing from a reseller, what do you know about this seller and the authenticity of their products?
  • Has the product undergone third party testing? Are the results available on request?


There have been many instances of counterfeit labels and products as being sold on websites such as, as well as expired products being illegally repackaged and sold as viable product. The quality of the products you use during your treatment is very important, and in an unregulated industry, it is important to find brands that undergo third party testing and can supply the results of these tests. Additionally, there are cautions to be aware of when choosing to purchase supplements from drug or retail stores. In 2015, the New York Attorney General sent cease and desist letters to GNC, Walgreens, Target, and Walmart after conducting an investigation into three of the herbal supplements sold on all of their shelves, and finding no trace of what was listed on the label, as well as many undisclosed ingredients including wheat in supposedly gluten-free products. Beyond just being a waste of money, these supplements provide no clinical benefit, and could also be potentially harmful due to the presence of allergens and ingredients such as house plant added as filler. The same was true of over-the-counter and compounded vitamin D3 in an April 2013 report by JAMA Internal Medicine. They found that potency was “highly variable” and ranged from 9% to 146%. In an unregulated industry, it is incredibly important to do your research when selecting supplements.

Though our practitioners will do their best to familiarize themselves with all of each patient’s allergies, it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to check all supplement labels prior to opening or ingesting any product.

 To review and sign the above consent please go to: Nutritional Supplement Informed Consent


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NOTE:  Certain supplements may not be available for purchase through Wellevate or Fullscript.  Please contact our office for assistance ordering through the manufacturer.



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