Music and Cognitive Health: NEW LIVE STREAM EVENT




Calling up positive emotions is yet another important and underutilized way to heal the brain.  Along with laughing, yoga and therapy, which are long established practices underutilized in western cultures.  These practices are able to shelter us from and transform the negativity left from a challenging day.

LOVE and GRATITUDE are the most powerful and profound of the positive emotions. An increasing number of people discover the immense benefits of meditation. With Heartmath, we teach our patients how to call up gratitude and use a simple breathing technique learn how to balance their Autonomic Nervous System.  

Music, movies and special events that move us have also long served as opportunities to recruit positive emotions.  And with it they assist us in rebalancing the body and brain through recruiting memories. Utilized in their unique ways in different cultures around the world,  feelings of LOVE and GRATITUDE are a powerful path to heal our bodies and the brain.      

Please join us for our next cognitive health Live Stream Event: A KISS FROM VIENNA